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Enjoy deliciously authentic Portuguese dishes lovingly prepared by... you guessed it, Portuguese cooks! It’s real, it’s tasty and it’s ready for you when you arrive!

It all started in 2018. Three co-workers shared a wish, a dream among them. All of them from different parts of the world. Maria came from Mexico, Linete from Angola and Nubia is Brazilian but already lived in Portugal. They all came to Canada to seek a better life for their families. To make this possible, they always worked hard. We all have our own history and path, and by fate or chance it was decided that these three women would meet. They worked together in the food business. They worked hard, but always with a smile and a lot of professionalism. Satisfied customers became friends and soon the service became familiar. Behind the hard work was a distant, almost hypothetical dream of starting their own business. One day this wish was shared among them, the surprise was that they all had the same motivation. That topic was the subject of conversation for several weeks in a row, then they decided to talk to their families and asked the opinion of some friends. It was with a twinkle  eyes that this three women decided to open their own business.


Opening your own business is a marathon, just like going through a path with many ups and downs, a lot of research, a lot of learning, but also some frustrations. At the end, prime motivation, Customers. Customers are our compass, our strength to continue. It’s for them that everything happens, who keeps alive this desire to serve better.


Those who know us know well what to expect. Like May and Ryan, dear clients and friends who decided to gift and share a few words:


We are beyond excited that Divino Churrasco is open! As loyal patrons for several years, we have shared in Nubia, Linete, and Maria’s jubilant dispositions, infectious charm with people, and their passion for creating beautiful meals. These three friends have poured their love and dedication into ensuring that clients are always provided with the best quality. Nubia, Linete, and Maria have garnered wonderful friendships with their winsome personalities, having provided both an expertise and high-level of patron service to match in the kitchen. With every encounter, we’ve always been met with an exceptional and enthusiastic care and pride in both the customer and dining experience. We are elated for their newfound enterprising opportunity, along with their fabulous spouses, to spread joy with others. 

Coupled with a flavourful and vibrant sensibility towards genuine and authentic Portuguese fare, this dynamic trio of ambitious and talented restauranteurs will no doubt bring sinful delights and happiness into your homes and bellies, with their affordable yet delicious homemade offerings. The Portuguese saying of ‘o amor com amor se paga’ (love is paid by love in return), is a fitting description of how we feel when our senses are tickled through the time, warmth and journey of these unique individuals. We know that they will continue to bring a gourmet sophistication with a blend of comfort food, that will surely satisfy any discerning palate. We’ll be sure to place our orders ahead of time to ensure that we get our weekly fill of Divino Churrasco!

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